Applications Invited for D-Prize Competition

Applications Invited for D-Prize Competition

Organization: D-Prize

Apply By: 23 Jun 2024

Grant Amount: 20000 USD

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About the Organization

D-Prize is a grant-funded nonprofit targeting extreme poverty.

We seed social impact organizations that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Most founders in low-and-middle income countries don’t have access to startup capital, and we provide philanthropic seed support so their ventures, NGOs, & charities can launch.

We care about evidence-based impact. The world already has cost-effective products & services targeting poverty, and we specifically seed organizations to distribute these at scale where there is still need. Our vision is to see existing high-impact poverty interventions made universally accessible.

About the Grant

We award startup grants of up to $20,000 to entrepreneurs launching new organizations. We believe the world needs more social impact organizations, and we seed for-profit ventures, NGOs, and charities. We support organizations in any low-or-middle income country where extreme poverty still exists.

We believe social impact organizations are uniquely positioned to distribute an existing product or service known to improve lives where need still exists. View the D-Prize Challenges and select one of the high-impact products or services in need of greater global access.

Our seed support is meant to be the launching point for your organization that grows to large-scale.


D-Prize is for new organizations. Most of our awardees are first-time entrepreneurs. Most have not yet launched their organization, nor have they raised other funding. We especially encourage those from low-and-middle income countries to apply.

We will consider applications from existing organizations only if your core focus is distributing an existing and evidence-based poverty intervention. We typically will not support organizations with more than 18 months of full time operations or that have raised more than $30,000 USD in outside funding.

How to Apply

Early Submission Deadline: 23 June 2024 at midnight PT (Pacific Time)

Regular Submission Deadline: 14 July 2024 at midnight PT (Pacific Time)

Competition is live! Download an application packet

Submit Concept Notes and Resumes to: www.d-prize.org/submit

For more information please check the Link

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