EOI for beatification of Railways

EOI for beatification of Railways

Organization: Northern Railway Moradabad Division

Apply By: 31 Dec 2022

Expression of Interest (EOI) for beautification of Railway area/premises at station approaches along the track through participation of the Jan Bhagidari at Dehradun, Haridwar, Bundki, Shahjahanpur, Tilahr, Bilpur, Baghauli & Rahimabad stations of Moradabad division, Northern Railway

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About the Organization

Northern Railway, the Jewel Set in the Crown of Indian Railways, has embarked on the mission to vanquish distances and create its own metaphor of existence. Formally established in the year 1952, it remains the largest zone in terms of route Kilometers, even after the re-organization of the Indian Railways into 16 zones. Northern Railway now comprises of 5 Divisions-Ambala, Delhi, Ferozpur, Lucknow and Moradabad.

About the Proposal

The President of India acting through Sr. Divisional Engineer (Co-ordination), Northern Railway Moradabad Division invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from interested individuals, NGOs, Trusts, charitable institutions, Corporate, Government bodies and Self-Help groups for developing environment friendly area. The proposals along with A plan of such area showing the existing tracks, the area boundary, other railway infrastructure, road, etc to be submitted to Senior Divisional Engineer (Coordination) Northern Railway Moradabad Divisional Railway Manager’s office Moradabad Uttar Pradesh ( 211001). Beautification of Railway Area/premises at station approaches along the track for development of green cover/patches by planting low height plants at its own costs.



Approx. Length of track approach



300x 10 on either side



300x10m on one side (Dehradun end) 100x20m on either side (Jwalapur end)



150x15 m on one side (Moradabad end)



600x30 m on one side (DN side) between NR & NER (Moradabad end) 100x50 m on one side (UP Side) (Moradabad end)



250x5 m on one side (DN side) (Moradabad end) 200x5 m on one side (UP Side) (Moradabad end) 300x5 m on one side (DN side) (Lucknow end) 500x5 m on one side (UP Side) (Lucknow end)



700x5 m on one side (DN side) (Moradabad end) 600x5 m on one side (UP Side) (Moradabad end) 500x3.5 m on one side (DN side) (Lucknow end) 300x5 m on one side (UP Side) (Lucknow end)



180 x 50 m on one side Lucknow end



250x20 m m on one side Moradabad end


To provide an aesthetic appearance of open spaces along the track in the approaches of Railway stations at the both end.

Scope of Work

Development of environment friendly area through Jan Bhagidari Development of vacant spaces/area in the station approaches along the track as green cover by planting low height plants, shrubs, creepers, bushes, herbs/medicinal plants, climbers, ornamental plants, flower plantsetc.

Execution of Memorandum of Understanding

  • A MOU with broad terms as under will be signed between Railway Administration (Sr. DEN) and the Party. This MOU will be initially valid for one year and may be extended after one year upto 3 years with mutual consent of both the parties. Extension of MOU will be done based on performance by the party and fulfilling the conditions mentioned therein.  
  • The responsibility for maintaining plants/green patches will lie with the party. The leaves/branches/roots/bark/gum/flowers etc. of the plants may be collected and removed by the party to keep the area tidy and clean.  
  • Party has to make arrangements for supply of water by its own means. However, Railway may provide water on best effort basis.  
  • The area will be made available only for right to use access basis. No encumbrance shall be created by the party on railway area permitted. No permanent/semi-permanent structure will be erected by party in the area. However, temporary fencing/covering of such green patches developed may be allowed to prevent trespassing/cattle grazing.  
  • Party shall not undertake any activity which can endanger safety of track, buildings etc. While preparing the area, special care will be taken to excavation shall not be permitted. Vehicles shall not be allowed to ply near the track on railway land. In exceptional cases, if vehicles are required to ply on railway land, the same shall be under the direct supervision of railway staff. The party will ensure proper drainage so as not to cause any harm to railway track.  
  • The party shall not have any right on the area other than the purpose mentioned in the MoU. Upon violation of this provision railway reserves the right to terminate the MoU. In case of doubt, decision of DRM will be final. The party shall not have any right to use the area for any commercial exploitation of asset being provided in railway premises.  
  • The height of the plants selected should not restrict the visibility of signals/interfere with electrical wires or train operations. The concerned party will ensure proper pruning/cutting of branches. Beehives shall not be permitted.
  • Railway shall have free access to the site at all times for any purpose including but not limited to operation, maintenance, restoration works etc.
  • The party may display its name with relevant details as per Good Industry practice on a maximum ten square feet area (temporary) No extra space/facillity for advertising/publicity shall be given to the party.
  • The party shall indemnify Railways against any loss of life/property, injury occurring in relation to the activity/property covered under MOU. In case of any dispute, the decision of DRM will be final and binding on the parties.
  • The party shall comply with all applicable laws.  
  • In the event of breach of the conditions laid down in the policy, either party can terminate this Memorandum of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) leaving the green patches on as is where basis.  
  • Either party can terminate MOU after serving one month notice. Upon termination of MOU, party shall not have any right to access railway premise.  
  • Railway will provide proper Identification Card (ID) to the person engaged on upkeep of the green medicinal patches.

The area to be developed under this scheme shall be fixed after finalization of the EOI but before signing of MOU as per decision of concerned ADEN.

How to Apply

Submission of the EOI: Open ended

Proposals can be submitted by application with following details:-  

  • Development of vacant spaces/area in the station approaches along the track as green cover by planting.  
  • Expected investment by proponent to execute the plan.
  • Expectation from Railway side.
  • Other details which proponent may like to share with Railways.

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