RFP for contracting the technical agency to develop a Digital Cesarean Delivery (CD) online system for Momentum Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics program in India

RFP for contracting the technical agency to develop a Digital Cesarean Delivery (CD) online system for Momentum Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics program in India

Organization: EngenderHealth

Apply By: 24 Aug 2022

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RFP for contracting the technical agency to develop a Digital Cesarean Delivery (CD) online system to ensure safety and seamless referral between facilities for Momentum Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics program in India

About the Organization

EngenderHealth is a leading sexual and reproductive health and rights organization working around the world to achieve gender equality in and through sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). We work through gender-equitable approaches to ensure women and girls can access quality sexual and reproductive health information and services. Ensuring equitable access often means encouraging self-reflection among EngenderHealth staff members, facility-based health providers, community health workers and the communities in which women and girls live to challenge their own stereotypes and biases and contribute to gender-transformative change.

Working in India since 1988, EngenderHealth has contributed to the improvement of public health through strong evidence-based, technical public health policy and programming to expand and improve reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health (RMNCHA) services in many regions of the country.

About the Proposal

The MOMENTUM Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics India program seeks to complement ongoing sustainable access and quality improvement efforts in India by strengthening surgical safety within maternal health and family planning programs and strengthening the provision of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) with a focus on youth and young married couples. The project will be implemented in public and private health facilities in selected districts of USAID’s six priority states. Initially the project is being implemented in 2 states, Jharkhand, and Karnataka, and it will be implemented in Assam, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha in subsequent years. It aims to sustainably improve access to safe and indicated CD, as well as address unmet needs of FP among PP and post-abortion care (PAC) clients and young people. The efforts will be aligned to India’s Quality Assurance program-LaQshya in the public sector and Manyata in the private sector. 

When medically justified, a caesarean section can effectively prevent maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity. However, there is no evidence to show that C-section delivery has any benefits for women or infants who do not require the procedure. In India, availability of caesarean section is highly variable. Studies have shown that CD audits, together with implementing corrective & preventive actions ensure judicious use of C- sections in medically indicated cases only, thereby improving quality of care. Under the LaQshya initiative, implementation of caesarean section audit at facility level is one of the effective non-clinical interventions to rationalize the caesarean delivery rates at all levels of facility. Till now the audit has been conducted in pen-paper mode in public health facilities, through this project we plan to digitalize the existing C-section audit system and implement it in select facilities (both public and private) in intervention geographies.

Also, in an obstetric emergency, Referral system is necessary due to the randomness of pregnancy complications and potentiality of its rapid progression to make life of mother and baby vulnerable so referral service should be done at the appropriate time and with rapidity to avoid such related risk and unfavorable outcomes. It consists of four main components: Initiating facility, Receiving facility, Health System, and Supervision and Capacity building (WHO). A robust referral system is needed for getting timely emergency obstetric care so that life of mother is saved.

Scope of Work

  • This document is a Request for Proposal (RFP) for
  • Conducting a dipstick review of existing digital/non digital audit system and CD referral system being manned, managed, executed, by government of India, partner organizations and other stakeholders related to caesarean delivery.
  • Design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance of mobile application and dashboard for Caesarean delivery data monitoring in public and private health facilities and to ensure seamless referral for CD.

All development(s) & enhancement(s) shall be done at par with the best of industry standards (as given in Annexure A) and to the satisfaction of EngenderHealth.

  • The agency shall cover development and maintenance (for the period of 36 months) of:
  • Mobile App (both Android and iOS) & Portal shall be developed for consumers (facility providers) and EngenderHealth with industry standard User Interfaces.
  • An interactive dashboard shall be developed which contain various data analytics and reports based on data collected through Apps & APIs. Data analytics should be available for various levels of interpretation such as at the facility level, district level, state level, and at national level. Dashboard layout shall be finalized in consultation with EngenderHealth.
  • Detailed reports requirements for dashboard shall be finalized in consultation with EngenderHealth.
  • End to end API testing shall be the responsibility of agency Bug fixing support shall be provided as and when required during the app roll out.
  • The design of Application should be robust, scalable, and modular. Also, application should be able to work in mobile and desktop.
  • The app should be compatible and can be migrated to national informatics centre (NIC) server.
  • The agency shall ensure 99% uptime and will take immediate action in case of bugs related to the application. The agency shall ensure (during the contract period) that in a given instance, the system should not be down for more than 4 hours.
  • The agency shall address device compatibility / responsive forms related issues.
  • The agency shall be responsible for management of the App & Portal source code.
  • The agency shall provide a walk-through of App & Portal to the project staff, health care providers etc.  whenever asked or required.
  • The agency shall provide data management like storage monitoring on backup, purging, archiving, retrieving etc. optimizing database for optimum utilization of available infrastructure as per government of India guidelines
  • Agency shall maintain and provide month-wise data to EngenderHealth in raw & processed logs during the contract period.
  • The agency shall be responsible for safeguarding system/application software from security threats. Agency shall be responsible for deployment of patches in order to keep App, Portal, Application software, OS, etc. updated or as per advisories received by EngenderHealth during the contract period.
  • Specific features/requirements of App and Dashboard:

Features of App:

  • The app should be user friendly in design and shall have a user-friendly interface, which is responsive too.
  • The app ought to be creative, instructive, simple to navigate.
  • Security capacities, security enhancements ought to be added to the application to keep data both hidden and secure.
  • Other features shall be finalized in consultation with EngenderHealth.

Features of dashboard:

  • Dashboard templates and global style options should be available.
  • Numerous chart types: To visualize data in the most meaningful way, dashboard should have standard charting options like column, bar, or line charts, and some more advanced ones such as gauges, maps, waterfall, bubble, or progress charts.
  • Advanced chart options: dashboard must contain advanced charting options such as adding a secondary axis, the combination of multiple chart types into one or different trend indicators along with feature of conditional formatting
  • Text, image, and icon features: Dashboard options simply enable us to add our own textual content and external images.
  • Custom fields: To create calculations from several fields from different data sources without having to adapt the underlying data sources.
  • User role management: As dashboards will be full of sensitive information, access to user role management (Admin, editor, viewer, power viewer) features is a measure to keep the data safe.
  • Translation options: to adjust the dashboard into multiple languages instead of generating a different one for each language required.
  • Other features shall be finalized in consultation with EngenderHealth.

How to Apply

Interested agencies should submit separate technical capacity statements and budget. Technical capacity statement should include:

  • Technical capacity to match the requirements under this implementation role (2 pages),
  • Short description of similar task undertaken in past in India
  • Technical skills, experiences, and CVs of key team members of agency personnel (3 pages, CV annexures extra and not counted under page limit).
  • Financial proposals should include professional costs and out of pocket expenses.

Capacity statement and Budget need to be sent to the following Email address: Pmathur@engenderhealth.org by 24th August 2022. Please share your query by 15th August, 2022 COB if any. The cost quoted should be inclusive of all taxes (in USD with exchange rate). Budget ceiling is $60,000 for this activity.

We also request the agencies to attach the following along with the proposal.

  • Copy of registration
  • Goods & Service Tax Registration
  • PAN Card copy
  • Audited statements of last 3 years with audit reports

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