Applications Invited for Kyoto World Water Grand Prize 2024

Applications Invited for Kyoto World Water Grand Prize 2024

Organization: Japan Water Forum

Event Duration: 18 May. 2024 - 24 May. 2024

Apply By: 11 Jun 2023

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About the Organization

Japan Water Forum (JWF) serves as a contact point for exchange and cooperation among water stakeholders in Japan and abroad, such as UN agencies, international organizations, development banks, governments, private companies, researchers, and NGOs. Based on this network, JWF promotes an understanding of the fundamental impact of water on everyone’s lives, leading to decisive action to address the water issues on the planet for a world where everyone enjoys the lasting benefits and values of safe water. With the 3rd World Water Forum (Lake Biwa and Yodo River Basin, Japan) held in 2003, JWF is founded an organization in the following year.

About the Event

The Japan Water Forum, in collaboration with the World Water Council (WWC) and the City of Kyoto, will hold this award to recognize grassroots organizations that have been engaged in excellent activities to address water issues in developing countries. The winning organization will be awarded 2 million yen and the award ceremony is planned to take place during the 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia.

The purpose of the “Kyoto World Water Grand Prize” is to honor grassroots organizations that contribute to the future of developing countries by carrying out activities related to water. By recognizing and promoting these grassroots activities on a global scale, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of grassroots efforts.

Water is essential for our livelihoods, and sustainable water resource management is a global challenge. In this context, the role played by grassroots organizations is extremely important, and we are committed to contributing to the resolution of water issues through our support.

The 10th World Water Forum will be held in Bali, Indonesia from May 18th to 24th, 2024. The call for expressions of interest to be involved in the Thematic Process as Topic Coordination Group members has been announced.

How to Apply

The deadline for submissions is June 11th, 2023 (Sunday) (Central European Time).

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