RFP for Arts Research Programme

RFP for Arts Research Programme

Organization: India Foundation for the Arts (IFA)

Apply By: 31 Aug 2022

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About the Organization

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) is an independent, nationwide, not-for-profit organisation that makes grants and implements projects across research, practice and education in the arts and culture across India, since 1995. We have supported over 750 projects disbursing over Rs 26.65 crore (USD 3.54 million) across the country. The outcomes of these projects—as books, films, performances, exhibitions, games, websites, and archival materials—have been circulating in the public domain through showcases, presentations, seminars, screenings, lecture demonstrations, and festivals, helping widen access and encouraging broader participation in the arts.

About the Proposal

The Arts Research programme engages scholars, researchers, and practitioners to research the various histories and expressions of artistic practices in India. It seeks to foster wider perspectives, understandings, interpretations and engagements in the arts.

We invite proposals for our Arts Research programme from researchers and practitioners who are interested in undertaking research projects, implemented by IFA. These projects could investigate marginalised or relatively unexplored areas; intend to create spaces for dialogue between theory and practice; offer new readings of artistic practices; and use interdisciplinary approaches to break new conceptual ground, among other things.

Research projects should have clear research objectives, in-depth background surveys, critical research questions, rigorous methodologies, and specific outcomes that will be shared in the public domain. The outcomes could be books, essays, films, websites, multimedia exhibitions, etc.

Duration of the Project: Your project may have a minimum duration of one year and a maximum duration of one year and six months.

Budget: You can budget up to Rs 5,00,000/-


The programme is open to proposals from individual scholars, researchers, and practitioners, across disciplines. You are eligible to apply if you are an Indian national. Your collaborators need to be Indian nationals, too.

How to Apply

You may choose to write your proposal in any Indian language, including English. IFA staff would be happy to answer any questions regarding this programme. You can approach us to discuss your ideas for suggestions and comments before sending in your final proposal. The contact details are provided at the end of this call.

Your proposal will be assessed with the help of external evaluators, and all decisions on the selection made by IFA will be final.

Please include the following in your proposal:

  • The content of the proposal should have clear research objectives, an in-depth background survey, critical research questions, rigorous methodologies, and specific outcomes;
  • Supporting material, if any, which gives us a sense of your work;
  • Your curriculum vitae;
  • A detailed breakdown of the budget that explains how funds will be utilised. Please also mention funding anticipated from other sources, if any; and
  • Your address, telephone numbers, and e-mail address.

You can send us your proposal for suggestions and comments by email. However, please note that your final proposal, including your curriculum vitae and supporting material, should reach us before or on August 31, 2022.

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