Applications Invited for 2023 UCB Community Health Fund

Applications Invited for 2023 UCB Community Health Fund

Organization: King Baudouin Foundation

Apply By: 03 Jul 2023

Grant Amount: 50000 Euro

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About the Organization

For over 45 years, the King Baudouin Foundation has been acting for the common good together with numerous partners, experts and donors. Our activities aim to foster sustainable and positive change in society, in Belgium, Europe and around the world.

Thanks to the support we give, we empower organisations and citizens working to create a better society. We encourage philanthropy and support individuals and businesses who want to commit to a better world.

The King Baudouin Foundation has at its disposal its own capital. Its independent governing bodies represent the pluralism of society.

The King Baudouin Foundation’s mission is to contribute to building a better society in Belgium, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

The Foundation is an actor for change and innovation, serving the public interest and increasing social cohesion. We endeavour to maximise our impact through capacity building among organisations and people who contribute to building a better society. We encourage effective philanthropy among individuals and businesses in Belgium, Europe and around the world.

About the Grant

Focus on projects addressing mental health issues of vulnerable young people (ages 15 to 24) suffering from mental health issues.

This new call for projects aims at providing support to young people facing mental health challenges.

The fund is committed to creating positive changes in communities and will offer grants to non-profit and non-governmental organizations worldwide dedicated to improving the physical, social, and psychological well-being of young people aged 15 to 24 with mental disorders.

Amidst the global challenges of climate change, racism, inequality, and conflict, young people are increasingly vulnerable to mental health problems and heightened insecurity.

The UCB Community Health Fund will provide a total of EUR 2 million grants this year.

Non-profit and non-governmental organizations worldwide are encouraged to submit their project proposals if they meet the following criteria:

  • Target audience: Young people between the age of 15 – 24
  • Focus areas: Mental health issues and related challenges (more details in document with criteria)
  • Geographical areas: the organization and the project need to be located within the countries where UCB has an office (see document)
  • Timeline: Accepting submissions from 2 May – 3 July 2023
  • Grant amounts: Organizations can request grants between €30,000 ($36,000) and €50,000 ($60,000).

Who can Apply

Non-governmental and non-profit organisations operating in countries where UCB has an office (see 'List of UCB Countries') - Individuals cannot apply for funding. - For-profit commercial organisations, hospitals and government agencies are also excluded from funding.

How to Apply

  • Make sure you are eligible for this call for projects.
  • Connect up to your account via https://candidate.kbs-frb.be, or create an account if this is your first application.
  • Complete the application form online (you can take your time and do it in several stages if you like).
  • When your application has been fully completed, send it in.
  • We will send you a confirmation by e-mail, as well as a pdf of your application.

Submit until: 03/07/2023

Submit your application

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