Applications Invited for DBS Foundation Business for Impact Grant Award

Applications Invited for DBS Foundation Business for Impact Grant Award

Organization: DBS Foundation

Apply By: 15 Jun 2023

Grant Amount: 15296659 INR

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About the Organization

Being purpose-driven is part of our DNA. From the time of DBS’ and POSB’s founding as the Development Bank of Singapore and “People’s Bank” respectively, we have believed in the importance of good citizenship. Building on this illustrious heritage, DBS has continued to reinvent ourselves over the years with a view to creating a more sustainable bank.

We are focused on three sustainability pillars: Responsible banking, Responsible business practices and Creating social impact.

We seek to "Make Banking Joyful" - by leveraging digital technologies and embedding ourselves seamlessly into your lives to deliver simple, fast and contextual banking solutions and experiences. We are here for the long term, with a view to enrich lives, transform businesses and drive sustainable outcomes.

About the Grant

The DBS Foundation Grant Award is our flagship programme to recognise, reward and support businesses for impact, both Social Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Since 2014, DBS Foundation has provided more than SGD 13 million in grant funding to over 100 social enterprises and SMEs to scale their business model and deepen their social and/or environmental impact.

Who are we looking for -

Social enterprises and SMEs that have innovative solution(s) to tackle critical social or environmental issues, creating impact for the wider community outside of the company

Seeking social enterprises that are:

  • Businesses with a mission to solve critical social and environmental challenges

Seeking SMEs that are:

  • Pivoting away from their existing core businesses to be sustainable
  • Developing new related product/ service line(s) that generate social or environmental impact.

The grant award is a recognition towards the sustainability journey that your company has embarked on. The areas of social and environmental impact we support include:

Mitigating the impact of climate change by:

  • Reducing carbon emission and footprint
  • A circular economy that reduces waste
  • Zero food waste, such as reducing food loss along the supply chain, upcycling food waste

Promote food resilience and security by:

  • Promoting sustainable agriculture
  • Improving access to food and nutrition

Improving the lives and livelihoods of marginalised groups by improving access to:

  • Education / skills
  • Employment
  • Financial inclusion

Promoting good health and well-being by improving access to:

  • Healthcare
  • Mental well-being
  • Sanitation
  • Clean water
  • Other well-being solutions

How to Apply

Submissions received by Thursday, 15 June 2023, 2359 hours (Singapore time, GMT +8) will be evaluated in 2023.

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