Applications Invited for Global Youth Climate Action Fund (GYCAF) Micro Grant 2023

Applications Invited for Global Youth Climate Action Fund (GYCAF) Micro Grant 2023

Organization: Global Youth Climate Action Fund (GYCAF)

Apply By: 16 Jun 2023

Grant Amount: 1000 USD

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About the Organization

The Global Youth Climate Action Fund (GYCAF) is the first of its kind climate fund dedicated to financing youth-led climate action around the world. The idea for the fund was birthed at COP25 and developed over a three months consultation period that involved virtual dialogues with finance experts to help curate a vehicle that supports and champions youth-led climate action. This initiative is hosted by BLI Global.

BLI Global (Better Living Initiatives - Global) is an international grassroots non profit organization focused on promoting solutions, improvements and initiatives to sustain better living conditions around the globe.

About the Grant

GYCAF envisions a world where young people are given the resources to pursue green entrepreneurship and create a green economy with the goal of lowering carbon emissions and conserving the environment.

Fund Mission: To finance youth-led climate action in communities vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030

  • Financial goal to mobilize USD 100 billion and global temperatures to well below 2 degrees Celsius by 2025
  • IPCC report indicating an uncertain future in the next decade
  • Need to create a means of implementation that creates an enabling environment for youth

Target Beneficiaries: The fund targets youth-led organizations and networks seeking funding for their projects and businesses.

Microgrants Funding Focus -

  • Sustainable Agriculture: smart agriculture to ensure food sustainability.
  • Clean Energy: powering communities in need of light and energy.
  • Oceans: protecting marine life and mitigating climate catastrophes.
  • Capacity Building: empowering youth with entrepreneurship skills.
  • Green Stewardship: protecting biodiversity and influencing behavioral change.
  • Technology and Innovation: breakthroughs that solve climate-related problems.

Successful applicants will be awarded grants between USD 500 - USD 1,000, depending on the grantee application.


  • Youth-led organization (80 percent majority-owned; the definition of youth adopted is under 30 years of age)
  • Strong motivation on creating change or an impact in the community through grassroots activism
  • Conducting grassroots activism in their community
  • Seeking grants to kick-start or support already existing initiatives
  • Clear environment and socio-economic impacts of the project/initiative
  • A clear idea of how to use the funds and why this grant will be useful to create more value and impact for the project
  • Demonstrates well-planned project, with well-developed strategy, timeline, budgeting, and team management

How to Apply

Register until  16th June 2023.

Apply now

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