Applications Invited for the Future Fund 2024

Applications Invited for the Future Fund 2024

Organization: Climate Group

Apply By: 31 May 2024

Grant Amount: 2082495 USD

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About the Organization

We're an international nonprofit founded in 2003, with offices in London, New York, New Delhi, Amsterdam and Beijing.

In that time, we’ve grown our network to include over 500 multinational businesses in 175 markets worldwide.

We also work closely with governments at all levels. The Under2 Coalition, for which we're the Secretariat, is made up of 167 state and regional governments and has been named one of the international cooperative initiatives with the highest potential for emissions reductions.

About the Fund

The Future Fund is supporting developing states and regions as they look to cut emissions and adapt to a changing climate. Every year we're able to connect governments and fund projects that make a real difference on the ground.

We're pleased to be accepting new applications for the Future Fund for 2024.

We accept applications for projects related to at least one of the following key themes that align with Under2 Coalition priorities:

  • Climate change mitigation. This could include developing long-term decarbonisation plans for the state or region, creating measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems, installing renewable energy systems, reducing methane emissions (and/or other short lived climate pollutants) or building sustainable local transport systems.
  • Adaptation and resilience to climate change. This could include support in developing local adaptation and resilience plans, creating systems or infrastructure that reduces local risks from extreme weather or supporting local livelihoods that are likely to be damaged by climate change impacts (e.g. in agriculture).
  • Effective climate finance. This could include projects that help governments to understand and navigate different ways of raising revenue to tackle climate issues, learning about new sources of climate finance and how to access them or helping to explain the urgency of climate finance in developing economy regions.
  • Community empowerment and just transition. This could include projects aimed at supporting local livelihoods, finding ways to represent the views and priorities of groups that are likely to be affected most by climate change or developing green jobs that meet the needs to a low-carbon future powered by renewable energy. equity and prosperity for all.


State and regional governments that are members of the Under2 Coalition and whose region has a GDP per capita of less than 20,000 USD are eligible to apply for support through the Future Fund

How to Apply

Please download an application form and submit the completed form, along with the completed project budget template (separate excel sheet) and letters of approval from all government departments involved in the delivery of projects, to futurefundproposals@theclimategroup.org by midnight BST (UTC+1) on Friday 31 May 2024.

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