Project Manager (Bangalore)

Organization: Intelehealth

Apply By: No Deadline

Location: Bengaluru(Karnataka)

The job duties for the position of Project Manager are related to managing and implementing eSanjeevani telemedicine services in assigned districts of Karnataka state.

  • Develop and Implement Operational Plans: Responsible for creating and executing operational plans for eSanjeevani telemedicine services in specific districts. This involves strategizing how the telemedicine services will be deployed and operated effectively.

  • Training: Conduct training sessions for Community Health Officers (CHOs) and Medical Officers (MOs) at various locations (spokes and hubs) on how to implement and use eSanjeevani services.

  •  Monitoring and Support: Provide ongoing support and guidance to CHOs and MOs to ensure the effective implementation of eSanjeevani programs. This includes troubleshooting issues, answering questions, and ensuring the service runs smoothly.

  •  Stakeholder Engagement: Build relationships with key stakeholders and gain their support for the implementation at scale and the sustainability of the eSanjeevani program in assigned districts. This may involve collaboration with government officials, healthcare providers, and other relevant partners.

  • Project Implementation: Oversee the day-to-day operations of ongoing projects related to eSanjeevani telemedicine services in the assigned districts. This includes making sure that the projects are running as planned and addressing any challenges that arise.

  • Monitoring Visits: Conduct monthly monitoring visits to the field to support CHOs and MOs in the effective implementation of eSanjeevani services.

  • Measuring Outcomes: Identify and define key metrics and outcomes that will be used to evaluate the success and impact of the implementation. These metrics could include implementation outcomes, service outcomes, and client outcomes.

  • Data Collection: Work with technical and field staff to incorporate data collection processes for the prioritized metrics into the program's operations. This is essential for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of telemedicine services.

  • Training Program Development: Contribute to the development of training programs for Intelehealth's software platform based on insights gained from the implementation of eSanjeevani programs.

  •  Partner Engagement: Facilitate engagement with partners for the execution of implementation research studies.

  • Reporting: Provide monthly reports, training reports, and meeting minutes for meetings held with different stakeholders.

How to apply

Apply through our website.
Link: https://intelehealth.zohorecruit.in/jobs/Careers/25855000006270001/Project-Manager?source=CareerSite
Step1 : Click the above link to view the detailed Job Description.
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Step 3 : Fill the basic information and upload your updated resume and submit.


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